Orphans of Eberron

1a - A Cold Road

A lone Dragonborn travels south in search of hope.

Rhogar heard the screams of his Dragonborn people, his father, and his family all around him as the orange flames and the black smoke enveloped them, the hot resounding roar of the beast high above nearly drowning them all out. His fear threatened to overwhelm him, but the words of his father repeated in his head… “Sometimes the smart thing to do is also the bravest.” It was this long forgotten string of wisdom that kept him sane as his entire world was being incinerated around him. His heart wanted to fight with everything it had, but his mind knew better. Rhogar fled, and as he did the burning faces of his family appeared above him in the sky, Each face was set upon a long sinewy neck covered in scales and united in one body that flew on dark leathery wings that covered the land in black shadow. The creature swooped low and each giant face opened up to reveal a million yellow fangs that surrounded Rhogar and snapped shut, piercing every inch of his flesh—

Rhogar awoke to the sound of a deafening mournful roar. It took a moment to realize that it was his own—Beads of frosty sweat covered his scaly face and he scraped them off absently with one blue clawed hand, and breathed heavily.

Would the nightmares never end?

He looked around and barely recognized the road he’d been traveling for what felt like a million moons now. The narrow rocky cliffs that had pressed in on him from either side along the pass had begun to widen considerably as it began to slope downhill. Low dry shrubs had begun to appear as well, a welcome change from the dearth of vegetation—the utter lifelessness of the trail so far. The small scraggly plants gave Rhogar a mote of hope and he realized that his breathing had slowed and the nightmare was now but a dim and fast-fading memory.

Rhogar hefted his trusty double-headed axe, the only vestige of his former life, and slung his pack over a shoulder and began to walk south. In the darkness of the early morning he could just make out the flickering golden lights of a village nestled in the valley far below.



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